Vaporeon Blue 3in Die-Cut Vinyl Sticker PKMN Water Type Eeveelution Swimming Underwater Kawaii Cute Pokemone Pokeman Gift Present 3x3in


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✦【  I n f o r m a t i o n 】✦
• Designed and drawn by JennGuine, manufactured in the UK.
• This is a Vaporeon sticker!
• Vinyl die-cut sticker featuring Lum on a minty green background. Measures 2.8x3.1in or 71x79mm (WxH).

✦【  S p e c i f i c a t i o n s 】✦
• Made using 100 microns thick monomeric white gloss vinyl with a clear permanent acrylic adhesive with residue free removal. Printed using UV stable, weatherproof inks.
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use with up to 4 years outdoor durability.
• Stickers are water resistant.
• See the images for size information, the sticker is 2.8x3.1in or 71x79mm (WxH)
• Some edges of the stickers may be a little folded or curled. This was due to how they were shipped to me from the manufacturer! I have done my best to straighten out the sticker(s) as best as possible. When applied, they should not be affected by the curled/wrinkled parts! Thank you for understanding!
• Does NOT come with transfer paper (clear paper that lifts the sticker design off the backing paper).
• This is a die cut sticker. I recommend it for mainly indoor use. Many people have put it on their car or used this for some other outdoor use. I cannot guarantee the sticker will last through car washes or UV/sunlight without fading (especially if your car is in the sun a lot). Please use outdoor/automotive at your own risk.

✖ 【  W A R N I N G 】✖
• I recommend mainly for indoor use. Despite the UV stable weatherproof inks and water resistant vinyl I cannot guarantee the sticker will hold up in car washes or in sunlight/UV. Please use at your own risk. I do not have my own car to test this on.

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