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Thicc Rustacean Crab Ferris Vinyl Sticker Weatherproof - As Seen on strager

Thicc Rustacean Crab Ferris Vinyl Sticker Weatherproof - As Seen on strager

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As seen on the YouTube thumbnail from strager, it's the caked up thicc rustacean Ferris! 🦀
Ferris is turned away from you, looking up in the sky at the perfect hash table. Thus, you can see his posterior.
I bet you didn't know he was this caked up 🦀
Please note that there is a bit of misalignment on the cut of the thiccer sticker, this happens sometimes due to manufacturing. See photos if you're concerned. 😏

Size: 1.7in x 3.2in or 4.3cm x 8.1cm

These vinyl stickers are:
- For indoor/outdoor use
- Dishwasher safe
- Weatherproof
- UV protected up to 4 years
- Residue-free when you peel them off
- Scratch-proof
- Removable and reusable (don't put it on the carpet)

strager's video can be seen here:
(It's called Faster than Rust and C++: the PERFECT hash table)

Again, the size is 1.7in x 3.2in or 4.3cm x 8.1cm.
Don't be buyin this and be telling me "waaaaaa I didn't know it was so small/big" BRUH I gave you measurements in the description, in Etsy's listing detail input, in the photos, measurements in both Metric AND Imperial, y'all got absolutely no excuse and I truly don't want to hear it I did not bust my arms writing and photographing this much size information for you for you to message me telling me you thought it was gonna be a different size, it's not going to be the size you think it is, it's going to be the size I'm telling you it is bruhhhhhh 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

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