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Sketchy Anime Character Trait Pin - Shy (pick your own trait!)

Sketchy Anime Character Trait Pin - Shy (pick your own trait!)

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I have moved to .:~+| |+~:. as my new storefront! There is more lewd stuff available on there!

What if you could have a pin on your shirt/bag/something but... this pin had your character trait on it?
And it was also animu and kawaii?
What if?
o hol up, now you can :)

Show everyone your own character trait with Jen's 1in Sketchy Anime Character Trait pins! These are ~1in large acrylic pins, rubber clutch, and printed with a sketchy anime character drawn by Jen.
These are very light compared to metal enamel pins and can be put onto a bag, onto a shirt, transparent backpack, anything you'd like. They describe you! Let everyone know something about you. Maybe you're the super smug type, or perhaps calm and shy? Maybe you're the gentle one, or the opposite - a feisty soul. Any way you go about it, you can show it off and let everyone know which one YOU are!

All pins sold are Grade A! We used to have other grades, but we got it right this time! Barely any issues with the order this time around, so Grade A it is!!! <3 Enjoy!

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