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Safe Word Succubus Double Sided 2in Acrylic Keychain Original Character Guine

Safe Word Succubus Double Sided 2in Acrylic Keychain Original Character Guine

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✦【  I n f o r m a t i o n 】✦
• Designed and drawn by JennGuine, manufactured in the UK, assembled by yours truly in the USA.
• This is an OC keychain based off of Guinevere the demon/succubus. I haven't figured out a complete backstory but I will in due time. Anyway, this features a love potion and mentions of a safeword, it's lewd in nature.
• Double-sided acrylic keychain featuring my OC Guinevere and some spicy text. Measures 2.1in or 54mm.

✦【  S p e c i f i c a t i o n s 】✦
• Made using 3mm thick R-MMA acrylic (made from 100% recycled plastics destined for landfill, VOC and HFC free).
• Double-sided, the image is the same on the back and front but the wording is slightly different on either side.
• The keychain finding is a white plastic lobster clasp, it's easy to open and secure.
• See the images for size information, the charm itself is about ~2.1in or ~54mm tall.
• If you order this keychain I'll send you a "Jennimouse" keychain with it as a freebie while supplies last (they didn't sell well at all so it's a freebie now).
• On one side (the "back") the print is raised/tangible, and on the other side (the "front") there is no ink texture, you can see the design through the acrylic. The text is different for the front and back.

✖ 【  W A R N I N G 】✖
• The acrylic and the ink may become scratched over time with use.

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