Gameboy Fridge Magnet 3inx3in - Princess Toadstool OUT OF STOCK [retired]


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Gameboy Fridge Magnet 3inx3in - Princess Toadstool

Do you think Princess Peach is the best princess? Wait, you probably really like Rosalina better... errr... ok well... Peach was the original girl sooo... ANYWAY This is a soft square magnet featuring a retro video game cartridge style (CUZ ME CAN'T SAY GAEM BOI KALOR) with Princess Toadstool/Peach on the front!

This magnet is rubbery in texture, only slightly glossy, and is very thin. The magnet is fairly strong! Be careful with the corners. The magnet is completely grey on one side while the other side is printed. The magnet is a 3in/7.62cm square all around. It's very pink. I love my Discord! Join Puff Place to share the love ->