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Komi-san Acrylic Keychain POMPH! (black ink transparent)

Komi-san Acrylic Keychain POMPH! (black ink transparent)

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✦【  I n f o r m a t i o n 】✦
• Designed by JennGuine, manufactured in the UK, assembled by yours truly in the USA.
• BIG EYES, BIG SURPRISE- YES I made a Komi-san keychain for those of you who love Komi! :3 This keychain was drawn by me!~ I hope you like it.

✦【  S p e c i f i c a t i o n s 】✦
• Made using 3mm thick R-MMA acrylic (made from 100% recycled plastics destined for landfill, VOC and HFC free).
• The black ink is transparent (see through), the ink also has a glossy shine to it.
• The metal parts (the heart-shaped keychain finding and jump rings) are all silver in color.
• See the images for size information, the charm itself is about ~1.5in or ~31.1mm tall.
• This was originally a test order (testing "false double-sided" by using only one color) that I only made a handful of at first. Since then I've done a few large orders and they've all sold out O_O So I'm doing it again!
• On one side (flipped image) the print is raised/tangible, and on the other side (correct image) there is no ink texture. You can see the charm's black ink from either the front or the back, but of course on the back the text is mirrored.

✖ 【  W A R N I N G 】✖
• The acrylic and the ink may become scratched over time with use.

⚞^⚻^⚟ If you like it, please consider adding it to your cart. Thanks!!~

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