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Princess Peach Daisy Rosalina Wooden Christmas Ornament and Print

Princess Peach Daisy Rosalina Wooden Christmas Ornament and Print

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My old storefront is on hiatus! I hope to come back! Here it is-> .:~+| |+~:.

[[I am not sure if I am discontinuing these after 2022]]

My take on the Mar!o princesses Peach, Daisy and Rosalina with a Christmas theme!

This wooden ornament features a glossy print of my drawing of Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, and Princess Rosalina in a Christmas outfit with some foliage under them.
The drawing is printed on 3mm Cherry Plywood made from responsibly sourced European Birch Plywood from ethical suppliers. On the back of the charm is a sticker with my logo on it (the logo is to my other storefront).
On the top of the ornament is a coarse metallic gold ribbon tied by yours truly, and the bottom sports a gold bell and above that a small gold bow (these are new! If you order an ornament from 2021 it will not have the gold bow!).
ALSO NEW: Instead of backing cards, these ornaments come with a 4x6in print with the same artwork that's on the ornament!!!! So you will be getting 2 items (1 print, 1 ornament).

The ornament itself is 3.5in/88.9mm but when including the coarse ribbon and the bell below the total length comes out to around 7in or 177.8mm. Since the ribbons are all hand cut and knotted by me the lengths vary slightly.

~+A few things to note+~
- Due to the grain of the wood, the print design will had a wooden pattern to it
- Glossy finish... ooh shiny!!!
- Take care of the string, it is light and can get caught on pointy edges
- Please do not place this on something that moves roughly, such as a suitcase or a backpack. It is a little too fragile for that
- Christmas tree approved!
- The bell can sometimes slip out of the jump ring, in this case you can re-attach it. I will do my best to make sure it is attached well enough before I ship it to you. Quality control, bruh
- Shipped in a sturdy cardboard box literature mailer to protect the bell
- IT COMES WITH A PRINT THIS TIME YAAAAAYYYY but that meant I did need to up the price by a dollar thank you for understanding!!!!

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