Mimikyu Ghost PKMN Spooky Halloween Eco Stainless Steel Metal Pin with Blue Crystal - Not Enamel Pin - Limited Qty - Please read description


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Spooky lil ghost Pokemon Mimikyu in cute pin with a dark purple rhinestone!
This is an eco metal pin featuring Mimikyu using some ghost powers. It's not an enamel pin, but it still functions similarly to one and is about as heavy as one. The main difference is this pin is printed onto stainless steel then the pin artwork is laser cut and a pin backing is glued to the back. Due to the way laser cutting works the edges are slightly rough with some very small burrs.
What do I mean by "eco"? -> The pins are are printed in full colour using VOC free inks onto stainless steel, which can be infinitely recycled. These pins are NOT MADE IN CHINA. Made in UK, assembled in US by none other than yours truly.

• This eco metal pin is about 30mm/1.2in big, about 1.7mm thick and has a dangling brown crystal on the end
• The artwork (original art made by Jen) is printed onto 304 stainless steel. It's nickel free, hypoallergenic and won't tarnish or rust.
• Rubber clutch for the back
• Please try not use these in high impact areas, the ink adhesion is very good on these but they can still get scratched by keys or coins, loose change, etc. Putting it onto a lanyard should be just fine, or a pin board, as these are not high impact areas.
• Glossy top coat to protect it
• Has a dangling crystal on the bottom in a specific color according to the type of pin
• The metal for the crystal casing is different than the pin, it's metal alloy not stainless steel
• The crystal specifications are as follows: 0.79 x 0.31 inch/ 20 x 8 mm, with thickness of 0.20 inch/ 5 mm

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