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Lewd Retro Media Wooden Pins - CD OUT OF STOCK [retired]

Lewd Retro Media Wooden Pins - CD OUT OF STOCK [retired]

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ooh, whatcha got there? That looks pretty retro, what's on it?

Wanna show everyone you dare to be open about liking a lil NSFW stuff? Wanna show everyone you were a 90s kid (like me)? Or maybe you're just a weirdo that is into old tech. Either way, you can show everyone that you dare to be a lil lewd + retro with some lewd retro media wooden pins. These cute media pins are ~1in large birch wood pins, with rubber clutch, and printed with a lewd retro media design (cassette, floppy, CD) drawn by Guine.
These are very light compared to metal enamel pins and can be put onto a bag, onto a shirt, transparent backpack, anything you'd like. They have a light vaporwave theme to them and they are inspired by the actual media counterpart. I was supposed to debut these at a NSFW anime con, but it was cancelled due to Covid so... please check em out on here! They pretty cute. Maybe a lil hot.

Due to the nature of printing on wood these pins have a wooden texture that shows through the print, giving it a slightly textured handfeel. The print is mostly matte, there is a slight sheen to it but I would not consider it glossy.

keywords: lewd, media, retro, vaporwave, cute, sexy, old tech, CD, Compact Disc, hentai, jennguine, guinefurrie, waifu, 90s

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