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Jigglypuff Kirby Sleeping Hard Enamel Pin LIMITED EDITION

Jigglypuff Kirby Sleeping Hard Enamel Pin LIMITED EDITION

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So. What have we here? It's Kirbypuff. What? yeah. Kirbypuff. Let me explain. Basically Jigglypuff sang its song, Kirby went to sleep and Jigglypuff got mad so it took Kirby's hat and went to sleep because you know singing and drawing on peoples' faces is *puff* h a r d w o r k .

Jigglypuff, or Kirbypuff, essentially Jigglypuff with Kirby's sleepy hat on, is now an enamel pin that can be yours for just $8.00! This is a hard enamel pin, the metal part is black metal and the 5 other colors are pink, green, white, pink, and dark pink. The pin is 1in/25mm in diameter and has a black rubber clutch/clasp on the back. The back is blank, no signature or stamp. It'll come with a little backing card as seen in the first photo. ISN'T IT CUTE THO???? OWO

Once these are gone, I won't make more!!!

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