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Inktober 2018 Red Keychain - Breakable

Inktober 2018 Red Keychain - Breakable

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Inktober 2018 Red Keychain - Breakable

.::~*Inktober*~::. is a real magical time of the year. aka "help I'm an artist and I'm dying from doing 30 ink drawings a day why did I do this again? why am I make such bad decisION?" These keychains are replicas of a few select pieces I did for my Inktober 2018 set and this one in particular is called Breakable. These are greyscale images printed onto red acrylic and covered in spot gloss. I attached the silver colored metal keyrings and a backing card as well.

Check out my Inktober 2018 art here (all links go to Instagram):

Video: Art:


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