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Ink Mystery Bag, Grab Bag, Mix of Keychains and Prints - Inktober Theme (original characters, gothic), Mystery Box

Ink Mystery Bag, Grab Bag, Mix of Keychains and Prints - Inktober Theme (original characters, gothic), Mystery Box

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These are my Inktober 2018 themed mystery bags! Great for yourself or as a gift for someone else.
My theme for Inktober 2018 was "inability to see." It's literally a blind bag. OWO
The items in these mystery bags are discontinued, that means when they are sold out I will not make anymore and once these mystery bags are gone they will not be restocked with the same merch in them because all the old merch will be gone muahaha!

The Inktober 2018 Mystery Bags Include:
🖤 2 random Inktober 2018 keychains (black and white printing on red acrylic)
🖤 3 random Inktober 2018 5x7in (127x178mm) prints (black and white printing with some color for certain ones)

We're transparent here, so we'll tell you about the things inside: full disclosure, all of the items are products that weren't selling or didn't sell well or are older and retired. These Inktober prints in particular sold very well at in-person conventions in 2018 and 2019 however since 2020 I have not attended anymore conventions and I want to redo my entire inventory, so I'm selling out this stock.
Please check all the photos to see the possible contents of the mystery bags - I will do my best to not give you duplicates if you order more than 1 but I can't guarantee it!

The total retail worth of the items is between $25-30. These are deeply discounted because I don't want them anymore and it's too much stock to manage - I am moving onto other merch so I gotta get rid of somethin'! The items included in the mystery bags are items that are retired/discontinued (meaning I will not print them again) but please double check through the photos to make sure you are alright receiving the items inside them.
Please note: If you buy more than 1 your items may overlap! Only do so if you have someone else to give your excess items to. You can also buy one for you and one for a friend and exchange as necessary.

I am not able to fulfill requests for items, these are mystery bags so everything inside is a *mystery*! O_O I don't even remember what's in them either and they're opaque so no can do, cannot help, nope, sowweyyy~

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