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Gameboy/Color GBC Single-Sided DVD-Sized Cartridge Case Storage w/ Foam Insert - Can Hold 4 Gameboy [Color] Games - Read Description Please

Gameboy/Color GBC Single-Sided DVD-Sized Cartridge Case Storage w/ Foam Insert - Can Hold 4 Gameboy [Color] Games - Read Description Please

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This listing is for a 14mm SINGLE STORAGE CASE for Gameboy/Gameboy Color/GB/GBC games only! If you are looking for GBA game cases please check my other listings in the +{Utility Goods}+ section of my store! :)

Please read specs:
✦ Free shipping for orders over $35
✦ Sizing: 5 3/8 x 7 1/2 x 1/2 inches | 135mm x 190mm x 14mm
✦ 14mm spine (exact size of DVD case)
✦ Holds 4 GB/C games, if you are looking for more storage or GBA game cases please check my other listings in the +{Utility Goods}+ section of my store! :)
✦ This case is the size of a standard DVD/Wii/PS2/etc case
✦ Case is made from Clear Polypropylene Plastic #5 PP with EVA foam insert designed by me and laser cut by a local company!
✦ Case is CLEAR ONLY! :)
✦ All artwork for these cases was designed by me and features characters from the games you know and love :D
✦ I cannot make you custom art :( It would be too expensive because I take a long time to design all the different covers (also my handwriting is really, really bad!). You can personalize it on your own, especially the spine - I left that a lighter color so you can write something on it. Just take out the cover sheet carefully and write on the spine!
✦ See photos for common flaws in this product

Want to help me out? Take my poll so I can gauge interest in this project:

Variation Meanings:
❥ Outer-only Cover Art = Essentially a single-sided print, the cover art shows up on the outside of the DVD case but since there is no inner print there is no artwork that shows inside.
❥ No Print/Cover Art = My artists out there that want to design your own case, this is for you!!! :) This DVD case will come with .::~No Cover Art~::. and you will be able to make/print your own and display that!
❥ If you have any questions .::~Please~::. send me a message/DM! I will help you! I respond within 24hrs I will be there to help you I promise. You and I will make sure we figure out what you want, together!

Remember how our old GB/C and GBA games came in those cardboard boxes? :\ Yeah, not really a great way to store your games like... decades later. I know, I know... but my cases that I created should help with that~
I'm not sure about you, but I have so many GBA and GB/C games just... boxless. I didn't like that, I want to keep their contacts clean, I want to make sure they're stored properly and away from the elements, and keep them in a case with standard sizing. Wii and PS2 game cases are the size of DVD cases, DS and 3DS have their own case that are the same size, but what are we to do with our old cases?! D: Introducing, this case that I designed and made~


Q: Why did I design these cases? Some cases like this already exist.
A: I needed some for myself and I wanted them to be: fully enclosed in some sort of case, standard DVD-sized, changeable cover art/acetate overlay, ability to store multiple games with the option of 1-2 foam inserts to keep the games protected (the ones that currently existed didn't fit these criteria for me).
Taking all these things I wanted into consideration I worked really hard for several weeks on this project, I busted out my caliper and I got to measuring/creating 2D CAD drafts (the foam inserts are designed by me as well). Then I looked up services/manufacturers who could help me make these.
I ordered samples, I started to hash out the prototypes, and then I designed multiple pieces of cover art. There's also an option for you to buy it without any cover art, too, so you can make your own! All in all, I wanted to make some for myself and then I decided to make more in case anyone wanted to buy some from me. I hope you like them :) I worked really hard!

Q: How did you make the cases?
A: Got the outer case from wholesale, created the design for foam inserts and sent it to local laser cutting service, created and painted all the characters on the cover art designs, received everything from all the places I sent out orders to and assembled the cases at home, then listed them on here for you :D

;w; Thanks very much for checking out my game case. I created and designed these, I am one woman working on products like this from my bedroom at home. Whether you decide to purchase or not, or share with a friend, or consider this product for the future, you are helping me out a ton and I really appreciate it!

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