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Anya Forger Spy x Family Mr. Chimera 3.5in Peeker Sticker Die-Cut

Anya Forger Spy x Family Mr. Chimera 3.5in Peeker Sticker Die-Cut

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Please read: --Some edges of the stickers may be a little folded or curled. This was due to how they were shipped to me from the manufacturer! I have done my best to straighten out the sticker(s) as best as possible. When applied, they should not be affected by the curled/wrinkled parts! Thank you for understanding!--
Cute little glossy Anya Forger with Mr. Chimera peeker sticker! This sticker is suitable for your laptop, notebook, PC tower, car, anything you would like!
Peeker suggested by Danielle! Thank you Danielle!

The stickers are made using 100 microns thick monomeric white gloss vinyl with a clear permanent acrylic adhesive with residue free removal. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use with up to 4 years outdoor durability.

They're water resistant, but I haven't tested it on a water bottle. The sticker is over 3in x 3in, so it's most likely bigger than your phone I wouldn't use it for a phone! I also would not use it on a car, those decals are best with front-facing adhesion (where the print is adhesive so you can place it from inside the window!).

✨【  S h i p p i n g 】✨

Due to this item being shipped in a small, stayflat mailer I am unable to ship candy and a large postcard with this order! You will get a small note and the sticker(s)! If you purchase this with a bulky item (keychain, for example) it will be protected! So do not worry! <3 ⚞^⚻^⚟ If you like it, please consider adding it to your cart. Thanks!!~ keywords: jennipuff, jennguine, sticker, decal, peeker

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