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Animal Crossing Wooden Keychain - Audie


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Animal Crossing Wooden Keychain - Audie

"Be the kind of person your future self won't regret having been." Will the future you be happy with a keychain of me, foxtrot?

This is a maple wood (if you purchased from my last batch, the wood I used was walnut. This wood is much lighter in color) keychain of Audie the brand new orange fox wife from our one and only game Animal Crossing.
Audie is attached to a gold lobster clasp on top and has a small frosted green leaf charm attached to the bottom. Audie is printed onto maple wood, laser cut, and has spot gloss over the printed areas. She's also really workin' her walk. look at that.

Wanna buy this keychain and work it just like she is? Due to the nature of maple wood the actual print does have the maple wood texture and pattern and it does affect the print slightly. I personally think it's charming and that Animal Crossing keychains work great on wood but you might think it sucks I'm not sure either way you just need to know that the maple wood texture does show through the print! \:D/
Please note: My white cat purse in the photos is not for sale! I love my purse, I'm not selling it! This listing is just for the AC keychain, thanks! :3

!!!BY THE WAY if you do the Stalk Market on Animal Crossing and ye buy and sell turnips boy oh boy do I have something for you! Introducing Please check it out, it's a website made by my bff and I and it'll help you in your turnip trading!!!