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18+ Rose x Pearl Tassel Bookmark

18+ Rose x Pearl Tassel Bookmark

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18+ Rose x Pearl Tassel Bookmark


Love romance? Love weird romance? Love some boy's gem mom lovin' on his other gem mom/aunt? Yeah, I know you do, you freak. But say no more, I have just the thing for you.

Rose and Pearl, ah one of the most strange and divine relationships (also super cute). Well now you can have Rose AND Pearl doing some NSFW on a bookmark! How distracting! but you know you wanna be distracted from reading that damn book. ;)

This bookmark is a printed picture of my Rose x Pearl 18+ image printed on matte-finish cardstock  2in x 6in. I rounded the corners myself and added a hole and tassel.
Speaking of tassels, there are two different colors: Rose (duh) and Gold (hey cmon, they didn't make pearl tassels, sheesh). Take your pick. Also, please check the photographs to make sure you want the color you're picking. Ain't nobody got time for this "waaaahh I didn't want this color" so choose wisely.
The tassel is a little fragile, please handle with care.

I'll ship it with some chipboard to keep it sturdy and also put a Do Not Bend sticker on the outside. You might also get a little free round 1.25in sticker with your purchase. maybe. if I like you enough.

Please note that this is an 18+ image and that it is clearly NSFW but you bringing it to work/skool well that's your business (I probably would bring it to work cuz idgaf but ye). Also, there is a liiiiittle more than just tiddy going on. so yeah. Keep that in mind!!
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