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Acrylic Dangle Charm Pin - Confused Komi-San

Acrylic Dangle Charm Pin - Confused Komi-San

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Komi-San is confused!

Want to take this silent confused girl everywhere with you? This is a ~1in acrylic pins with a jump ring connecting the pin to a ~1in acrylic charm, rubber clutch, and printed with artwork drawn by me, Jen!
The acrylic is 3mm thick recycled acrylic (R-MMA) VOC and HFC free! Manufactured in the UK, assembled by me in USA!
These are very light compared to metal enamel pins and can be put onto a bag, onto a shirt, transparent backpack, anything you'd like. And they DANGLE! Aaa hey that's so cute right?!

All pins sold are Grade A! We used to have other grades, but we got it right this time! Barely any issues with the order this time around, so Grade A it is!!! <3 Enjoy! Please note: Omg these were hard for me to assemble *cry* so some of them might be slightly scuffed in some areas that's because my hands kinda spazzed out and scuffed while I was assembling them I'm REALLY SORRY but I promise from far away you won't be able to see it, it's aight! <3

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