About Me

Hello! My name is Jen, I am the owner and artist of JennGuine.com.


I started my business in November 2018, which was when I went to my first convention and tabled at my first artist alley in Burbank. I started out with some bookmarks, prints, and a few stickers as well. I gradually grew to do more conventions in 2019 and branched out to new types of merchandise.

In 2020 I was laid off my job at the beginning of March and I had been selling on Etsy during this time. After a number of sales I switched and made my first purchase of green/eco friendly packaging and mailing materials. I also moved to Shopify, and this is where I am currently at now!

I really appreciate my family and friends being so supportive of me and helping me out with my shop. I want to do this full time and I'm ready for all the hard work and effort that goes into that! Let's do this!


何事も始めるのに遅すぎるということはない!!!! (It's never too late to start anything!!!!)