Retro Game Boosette Keychain (double-sided) OUT OF STOCK [retired]


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Wait, don't go! Your princess isn't in another castle, she's right here! In a retro game cartridge! And now you can keep her with you. forever and ever. It's not a Super Crown, but it's the next best thing -- an acrylic keychain of a princess. She's all yours now. And, my oh my, I've never seen a Boo look more beautiful. *eyebrow raise* Who knew Boos could be so stunning. This is an acrylic square keychain of a princess a bit over 1.5in in height/width and is attached to a gold split ring keychain finding by a short gold chain -- because, let's face it, only gold is fit enough for a princess. The retro game is double sided and the backside mimics that of the backside of a GBC cart. The artwork is a custom design made by me and comes on a little backing card.

Need a different girl? I got you: Bowsette, [Boosette], Chompette, Peach, Daisy, Rosalina