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Polaroid Hot Bods Acrylic Pin - Booty (see pics for grades)


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Pro-Body Positivity!!! <3 Are you into tiddy? Azz? How's a bout... some thigh? or maybe THICC TUMMIES? Well damn. Show off your love for a certain body parts with Guine's 1in Hot Bods acrylic pins, small acrylic polaroid pins!

These are ~1in large acrylic pins, rubber clutch, and printed with a design drawn by Guine. These are very light compared to metal enamel pins and can be put onto a bag, onto a shirt, transparent backpack, anything you'd like.
They have a light vaporwave theme to them and they are inspired by polaroids. I was supposed to debut these at a NSFW anime con, but it was cancelled due to Covid so... please check em out on here! They pretty cute. Maybe a lil hot.

Update: No more grades! We got them right this time, and I am selling only grade A's!
.::~~Please check the photos!!!! Unfortunately when I received these from my manufacturer I got a lot that were very chipped so I have sorted everything by grade and explained all the grades into the photographs. All grades, even A, have chips in the printing and I apologize for this I received them this way and I wish they were packaged better. To help, I've severely discounted everything so that I can at least breakeven on what I spent.~~::.