Pokemon Sword and Shield Keychain - Wooloo [retired]


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y'all, I am too dang tired to come up with a good enough description for this rn. Will edit later. This is a walnut wood keychain of Wooloo the new sheep Pokemon from Pokemon Sword and Shield. Wooloo is attached to a gold star-shaped lobster clasp on top and has a small gold colored metal star charm attached to the bottom. Wooloo is printed onto walnut wood, laser cut, and has spot gloss over the printed areas. Due to the nature of walnut wood the actual print does have the walnut wood texture and pattern and it does affect the print slightly. I personally think it's charming and works great on wood but you might think it sucks I'm not sure either way you just need to know that the walnut wood texture does show through the print! \:D/ I also would just like you to buy this tehe