Lil Lewd Acrylic Pins - To Do List (Funny Silly Naughty Joke)


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Hey what's on your to do list for today?
My to do list?
Oh... uh... YOU.
o.O? Me?
Yes you. I'm doin YOU today.

Is there someone on your To Do list? Are you maybe on someone's To Do list?
Well damn I think this is for you girl.
Show off your lil lewd side with Guine's 1in To Do List acrylic pins! These are ~1in large acrylic pins, rubber clutch, and printed with a design drawn by Guine.
These are very light compared to metal enamel pins and can be put onto a bag, onto a shirt, transparent backpack, anything you'd like. This stemmed from a joke, I used to play World of Warcraft and if you're familiar with that game you have to do "dailies" which are repeatable quests that reset everyday that give you stuff like rep and things with factions well anyway someone in my guild said "I need to do my dailies" and I said "am I one of the dailies" hahahaha so yeah that stemmed kinda from that joke yeah I'm dumb and this was a really long sentance with like no punctuation ANYWAY. I was supposed to debut these at a NSFW anime con, but it was cancelled due to Covid so... please check em out on here! They pretty cute. Maybe a lil shmexy...

All pins sold are Grade A! We used to have other grades, but we got it right this time! Barely any issues with the order this time around, so Grade A it is!!! <3 Enjoy!