Lewd Retro Media Wooden Pins - Floppy Disk [retired]


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I have moved to .:~+| https://jennguine.com/ |+~:. as my new storefront! There is more lewd stuff available on there!

ooh, whatcha got there? That looks pretty retro, what's on it?

Wanna show everyone you dare to be open about liking a lil NSFW stuff? Wanna show everyone you were a 90s kid (like me)? Or maybe you're just a weirdo that is into old tech. Either way, you can show everyone that you dare to be a lil lewd + retro with some lewd retro media wooden pins. These cute media pins are ~1in large birch wood pins, with rubber clutch, and printed with a lewd retro media design (cassette, floppy, CD) drawn by Guine.
These are very light compared to metal enamel pins and can be put onto a bag, onto a shirt, transparent backpack, anything you'd like. They have a light vaporwave theme to them and they are inspired by the actual media counterpart. I was supposed to debut these at a NSFW anime con, but it was cancelled due to Covid so... please check em out on here! They pretty cute. Maybe a lil hot.

Due to the nature of printing on wood these pins have a wooden texture that shows through the print, giving it a slightly textured handfeel. The print is mostly matte, there is a slight sheen to it but I would not consider it glossy.

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