Human Twilestia (Twilight x Celestia) Tassel Bookmark


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Human Twilestia (Twilight x Celestia) Tassel Bookmark

Ah, student Twilight Sparkle and Principal Celestia. What a great ship, right? You love teacher x student too, huh? Bet you wish you had a teacher that would teach you the way Celestia taught Twi. Yes? nice. same. I have just the thing for you.

Principal Celestia is going to teach Twilight a lesson. She'll keep her eye on you too, to make sure you finish that book you got right there. You want to be a faithful student, don't you?
This bookmark is a printed picture of my Humanized Twilestia Safe Version image printed on matte-finish cardstock 2in x 6in. I rounded the corners myself and added a hole and tassel.
Speaking of tassels, there are two different colors: Burgundy (a mix of brown and red and purple) and Light Aubergine (a medium purple). Take your pick. Also, please check the photographs to make sure you want the color you're picking. Ain't nobody got time for this "waaaahh I didn't want this color" so choose wisely. The tassel is a little fragile, please handle with care. I'll ship it with some chipboard to keep it sturdy and also put a Do Not Bend sticker on the outside. Please note that this is the Safe Edit of an 18+ picture but it's still is "ecchi" and contains some adult themes. Thanks!