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Oh, okay wait sit down a sec and lemme tell ya.
This was going to be used for a Glossy Black DS Lite re-shell but it was defective and could not be used for a reshell.

So I took that then I got a Scyther figure and put together this diorama! Because like... what else am I gonna do with it? It's borked, it's defective and I don't want anyone using that for a re-shell...
Made up of blue pebbles, quartz crystals, plastic plants, a Scyther figure, a broken DS shell, 4 rubber feet, and featuring my art on the top screen, this is a one of a kind DS Diorama!

These dioramas are one of a kind, there won't be any two the exact same. They are only made as fast as I can refurbish DSes (which is pretty slow). You can watch me refurbish them on Twitch sometimes. The DS shell is in used or defective condition, these shells are nowhere near perfect. They will have cracks, chips, broken areas (hinges mostly), smudges, scratches, worn away areas, melted areas, all sorts of things (not all of these at once on one, but these are the possible issues with these shells).

I do not do custom orders on these! Again, I only make these as fast as I can refurbish old DS Lites and the color of the DS I'm refurbishing will determine the figure that the diorama will be based on.