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18+ Nude Mei NSFW Tassel Bookmark


No lies here, I drew this after a past bf dumped me in a really awful way.
Mei don't need no man.

This bookmark is a printed picture of my 18+ Masturbation Mei image printed on matte-finish cardstock  2in x 6in. I rounded the corners myself and added a hole and dark green tassel.

I'll ship it with some chipboard to keep it sturdy and also put a Do Not Bend sticker on the outside. You might also get a little free round 1.25in sticker with your purchase. maybe. if I like you enough.

Please note that this is an 18+ image and that it is clearly NSFW but you bringing it to work/skool well that's your business (I probably would bring it to work cuz idgaf but ye). Also, there is a liiiiittle more than just tiddy going on. so yeah. Keep that in mind!!